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6 Jan 2017
Compare online estate agents
There are lots of decisions to create when selling your house, which generally is the best asset. Among those decisions is which estate agent to select and why.

Compare online estate agents
Local presence and knowledge as well as success is among the main reasons why we choose our high-street agents, however with large overheads including; many staff members and flashy high street offices, the traditional agents fee's tend to be anywhere up to 2.5% of your selling price otherwise higher! With more than 80% of successful buyers now using the internet to look for their next home, is high-street presence really as essential as it was previously?

During the last few years there have been a number of 'forward-thinking', online based agents successfully selling property up and down the country. By advertising on all of the large property portals and native press, as well as the proactive approach of theses agents, they are able to open the door towards the same, if not more, quantity of buyers as your traditional estate agent but at a fraction of the cost!

There is still an argument that online estate agents don't have the correct degree of local knowledge to give the most accurate advice. This may be the case, however, now there is a brand new concept in Estate Agency that can take all the positives from both sides of the argument and provides something that seems is the happy medium. If you select to teach a web-based Estate Agent with local expertise you are able to get all the local knowledge and accurate advice of a high street agent along with the cheap fee's that the online estate agent can offer by cutting out those expensive over heads.


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